This is the permanent page mentioned in this post from 2015. It’s a post about triathlon, triathletes, and our place in the broader community.

I live on the edge of one of the poorest communities in Canada, the infamous DTES (Downtown Eastside) of Vancouver. My immediate neighborhood is not the same, but it is a mix of professional families like mine who buy here and low income people who rent. I see a lot of need on a regular basis, and I was having trouble reconciling what I see around me with the money I spend on sport, the money we triathletes all spend on sport. This led me to an idea – what if every time I raced I donated – which led me to ask - what if every time we all race we donate? Imagine the difference we could make in the communities we live in, the communities we race in. It could be huge.

So last year I committed to do it. And now I’m challenging others to commit to the same thing. Whenever you compete donate something to a local charity or organization. Local can mean where you race, where you live, or some larger community that you belong to and care about improving. My causes are kids, local poverty, and sometimes their intersection, but you might care most about girls in sport, bicycles for the poor overseas, trans youth, your local animal shelter, trail creation and maintenance, or something else entirely. What the cause is isn’t important, just that it’s something that’s important to you. There’s lot of good causes out there that can use our dollars and or time. Pick a different cause every race, or stick with one for the whole season. There are no rules about how to do this.

I know not all triathletes have loads of spare cash lying around, but I’m sure we can all find things to give away, or time we can give to someone. Donate used shoes or sports equipment, give away your children’s old clothes or toys instead of selling them, volunteer for a local race, or to sit for a friend who wants to get out but can’t afford child care. There are all sorts of ways we can give, not just money.

I’m committing to donating with every race, and I will post a link to the organizations donated to. This isn’t to draw attention to myself, it’s to draw attention to the organizations and their work. (Disclaimer: I’m not vouching for any of them, I’m just saying I’ve donated to them.) If you join in the challenge and set up your own organizations-donated-to-page, I’ll happily link it up with mine, so you can get more attention for your chosen causes too. Just comment with a link to your page and I’ll add it to this page.

Let’s help make a difference, and show the world that triathletes care. #trigiving

My links:

I'm an educator and I care about kids. Kids can't learn well when they're hungry.

I am thankful that I live somewhere with an excellent children's hospital, but we're not all so lucky. I have friends and family that have had to make use of places like this, and I know it made a world of difference for them.

ShoeRenu (through the Sun Run)
Great way to give life to old shoes that still have some wear left in them.

A great resource for all kinds of families. A welcoming, open, place that provides a variety of programs and assistance.

Streetfront Alternative Program
Helping high school students who need a little help.

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